Purchase order approval Workflow

Hi all, I’m trying to create a workflow to manage my PO. I have several users who has a title. Ex: Plant managers A, Plant managers B, …, store KeeperA,etc…

I want to be able to create a simple workflow where I can define different approval levels .

Ex: If The PO approval amount is > 5000$, then one person who is a plant manager should approve. However i need in my case, a user A should only be approved by Plant manager A, etc…

If someone can give me some hints to have a create a simple workflow, it will be appreciated.


In Workflow Submit method you sum all Line amount and update to the Purch Table.(When you are submitting the workflow it will add all line amount and it will update to Purch Table.)

Add this total amount field in AOT Query which you are using for PO Workflow.

5482.PO Query.JPG

Do the configuration as below.

Hi Saju,

is this a standard workflow available in AX or we go for customization.



This is standard workflow available in system