Purchase order And Item Cost

Hi All

I have a scenario,

I have to create the purchase order as it international purchase, so purchase order consist of item, custom, transportation etc. Here we create the PO and rest of the expenses we put in the Misc Charges. But these expenses will paid by the other vendor.

E.G. i created the PO against ‘X’ vendor and misc charges paid by another vendor ‘Y’. Is that possible through misc charges we will credit the vendor ‘Y’ also, in the same PO invoicing.

Or how can i map this scenario


Not really.

This has been discussed here,


Hi imran, Yeah it is possible. Contact- support@fetchflow.com, our expert will help and solve this issue. We are also create purchase order online and we are best known in the market. Visit- http://fetchflow.com/support/question/How-do-I-create-a-new-purchase-order.html