Purchase Order - Add on for Axapta 3.0

Hi Everybody, I’ am currently looking for an add-on related to Purchase Orders. The main features should be: Electronic workflow (Invoice Scan) Approval of invoices Document management for invoice Document Archiving Any suggestions on the above will be highly appreciated. Thanks Daniel

Hi Daniel, you should look at http://www.its-int.com. The guy to speak with is Mogen Kehl. They have a very good and interesting solution to the area you are requesting. With Regards, Ole Nielsen

Hi Ole, thanks for this but the Homepage is in danish which I do not understand at all:-) Cheers, Daniel

Hi Daniel, try to visit www.efstech.com or www.efstech.co.uk. There is an image on www.efstech.com which gives you an introduction to the product suite. If there is questions - let me know. Michael