purchase line and item journal line

Hi experts,

Please resolve me the confusion between purchase and item journal lines.

Where these two are used actually and difference between these two lines.

Thank u

Hi John,

Purchase line is used in Purchase order and item journal line is used in Item Journal Template to increase or decrease the stock using item journal.

I have simply using the same help file provided by navision read this:::::

Purchase Line Table

Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to keep track of all your purchases from the time a quote is created to the time the final order is received. You can set up invoices, and the inventory can be automatically updated in connection with the purchase.

All the tables are related, and information in the fields is copied from one place in the program to another, so you need to enter information only once. In addition, you can change information on each header or line if you need to.

The purchase header forms the basis for transactions involving purchases and their registration. Whichever type of purchase document you are creating, you will use the same information, although it will be displayed in different windows.

All documents related to the Purchases & Payables application area are composed of a purchase header and a number of purchase lines.

The purchase header contains all the relevant information about the buy-from and pay-to vendors such as name, address, document number and date. It has four tabs: General, Invoicing, Shipping, and Foreign Trade. These tabs contain information about the buy-from vendor, pay-to vendor, shipments and currency. The program retrieves most of this information automatically from the Vendor table when the Buy-from Vendor No. and Pay-to Vendor No. fields are filled in.

The purchase lines contain information (such as item number, quantity and cost) about the items to be purchased. Amounts on the purchase lines are in the source currency unless the field name indicates that the amount is in LCY. The source currency is the currency represented by the currency code on the purchase header.

The purchase header is related to the Vendor table, where the program retrieves most of the information about the vendor. The purchase lines are related to the Item and G/L Account tables, and the program automatically retrieves most of the information for these lines from these two tables. The program copies the information so you don’t need to enter it again, but you can change the information on a header or line if necessary.

To create a new order, fill in the purchase header and then set up the lines. The program will automatically copy any relevant information from the header to the purchase lines.

After you have filled in the purchase header and associated purchase lines, you post to create a receipt, invoice, return shipment or credit memo.

Item Journal TABLE

In an item journal, you can adjust inventory in connection with purchases, sales, and positive and negative adjustments. To insert lines in the item journal, click the first empty line and fill in the fields.

When the journal is filled in, you can choose to post, post and print a report, or print a test report only.

When you choose a journal, the program displays the most recently used item journal batch. If you want to use another item journal batch, click the AssistButton to the right of the Name field. The Item Journal Batch List appears. Here you can choose from among the existing journal batches or create new ones.

It is possible to create three levels under an item journal menu item: Item Journal Templates, Item Journal Batch and Item Journal Lines. This lets you use different journals that are suited to different tasks. You can have several journals of the same type; for example, every employee can have their own journal.

This is a special window in which you can enter items that will be posted regularly. You need to type entries in only once, and you can post the same information as often as you want. When you want to post the same information again, you only need to choose Posting, Post.

Addition : This will also give u reason for keeping Purchase A/c and Direct Cost applied account diff. Post a purchase Invoice with item and post an entry type purchase from Item Journal. Post these two docs without indirect cost and then both with indirect cost as well. U will get more insight of difference b/w two.