Purchase Ledger: Summarise by Vendor (Payments)

Good morning all I am having great trouble with the “Summarise by Vendor” option within the payments area of 3.7 Purchase Ledger. When we use the option we get a lot of “Applies-to-id must be 0” type errors. However, if we take the tick out of the Summarise by Vendor box all invoices are passed into the payment file without any problem - just as multiple transactions. Whilst I am happy to allow the multiple transactions to continue in the short term, we pay our suppliers via BACS and this means that each supplier receives one payment per invoice - at a cost to us. What we need is the Summarise function to work so that multiple invoices for a particular vendor are covered by one payment. Any ideas? Rgds Mark

Hi Mark Your issue stems from users applying payments or transactions, but never actually posting them, so the applies to ID is set. When you run the summarise per vendor it uses the document number of the journal as the applies to ID. I suggest you do the following. Make sure you have no “In Progress” payment journals. Go into any vendor and drill down on the balance, then select the application button and apply entries. The table filter will contain a filter on the vendor you accessed the screen from, remove it to show all open transactions. Go to the applies-to ID field and filter where the value is not blank (<>’’). Highlight all the lines and press F9 to remove teh applies to ID. You will now be able to run the suggest vendor payments and summarise per vendor, however you will need to train your staff that if they set the applies-to ID and do not post the application to remove it, otherwise you will have to do this each time you do the suggest vendor payments summarised by vendor.