Purchase Ledger Control Account Report showing Narratives


I was wondering if there was a report that would give me the narrative of Purchase Invoices.

I am preparing the year end accounts, and need this information so I can see which invoices need to be in accruals at the year end. I don’t want to have to go through every invoice, looking at the description, that has been posted since the year end as there are thousands.

I can see reports that give me the description, but none that give me the narrative



you want to have description field of Purch. Inv. Line on report or some other field?

I want to have the narrative field on the report

Is it in Purch. Inv. Line only or some other table ?

I’ve found out how to do it now. I’ve imported the GL entries on the Purchase Ledger to Excel and sorted by invoice date.


Hi Paul,

Why don’t you simply use BI to solve reporting? You don’t need to export your data to excel. This is done in BI on daily basis. Once you set up the report (it’s very easy as you have data cleaned and prepared for analysis) the structure will stay the same and you will have report ready each time you open Excel.

BI allows you to go all the way to the document type.

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Best Regards,