Purchase Invoice


I created a invoice with 5 items and structure is CST only.Each and every line cst 2% applicable when i calculate the structure values then CST Amount , amount is 402.00 and Base Amount is 20035.00.

Amount Line wise CST 2%

2,100.00 42
2,350.00 47
630.00 13
5,000.00 100
4,675.00 94
5,280.00 106

rounded values is(12.6 is13),(93.5 is 6) and (105.6 is 106) in system then total is 402.

if directly calculate the 20035.00*2%= 400.7 (after rounding 401) the reason is line wise CST Calculation display after rounding. then difference of 1.Client wants cst% applicable base amount then round off not line wise CST Calculation if any setup related to this please tell me.


In NAV, rounding will always be done on line level and not on header level.

So you can put rounding at ‘0’ in set up and make the change in printing of an invoice.