Purchase Invoice


I am a begineer in MS dynamics. when creating a purchase invoice, i am getting this message"Exchange rate amount must have a value in currency exchange rate: currency code=PKR, starting date=12/01/11. it cannot be zero or empty"

Kindly someone help me in this regard.

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Its a basec question so please contact your senior…

Often error messages are not very helpful. But this one sounds quite straight forward.

Read the message carefully and follow the instructions in it.

Go to the currency form (financial management, setup, general, currencies)

find the PKR currency. Then hit the exchange rate button. There will either be no entries for an exchange rate against this currency, or an exchange rate with a starting date which is later than 12/01/11.

The system is erroring because it cannot calculate an exchange rate for the date that you are trying to generate a purchase invoice for.