Purchase Invoice wrongly posted

By mistake user has issued the purchase order in EUR instead of INR base currency. It’s overlooked by accountant and posted invoices in EUR, and material used in production and few items are consumed. Later came to know the error from accountant. So item cost get posted high value compare to actual cost.
Is any solution to such problem?

Timely support will be highly appreciable.



Not sure how to resolve this … I hope you can draw some kind of inspiration from this blog some like misc charges…


Simple solution is return purchase… But items already consumed so can not make return order. Is there any technical side solution? or any work around solution??

Dear Mohammad,

you have to make purchase return in same currency and same qty.

but if you have disable the negative qty then it will not allow you to make return order coz as you said you have consume some of the items, so better make some inventory adjustment then make return purchase order once the return purchase order is done then make new PO with the actual price in INR and then post the PO.

after PO is post remove the adjusted qty which you did to make the return PO.

now for the item which is consumed if you are using BOM and creating the items then the cost of the finished goods will be affected so make some journal and make the negative amount for COGS account and make the balance of the amount.

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thanks & regards

Many thanks Husain.