Purchase Invoice Voucher Not Displaying Vendor balance(accounts payable) account

Invoice Voucher is not showing balance account

I mentioned the accounts payable account in vendor posting profile but the same account is not available in purchase voucher

So where it gets posted, what is the version of AX?

I don’t dear where it posted

Version is AX-2012 R2

I defined the account for posting profiles for vendors, but still unable to view this account in my purchase invoice voucher.

Kindly help.


Check the GL parameter, Batch transfer rules. It must be Scheduled batch or Asynchronous. If you change that to Synchronous, sub ledger balances will be updated on real time basis.

For now, in GL Periodic, use Batch transfer for sub-ledger journal to update the sub ledger balances. AP balance will also be updated by that.



Thanks buddy issue has been solved !


Ali Danish