Purchase Invoice Posting too Slow


While posting purchase invoice posting it is taking almost 15 -20 minutes to post one Purchase Invoice (5-6 Lines) and it is blocking all users across the comopany

We are preparing Invoice by calling Get Receipt lines functions

Environment :- Navision 2009 R2

Database :- Sql Server 2008 R2 Standard.


You can check by starting Client Monitor where process is taking timeā€¦

I already did that and found nothing as it is standard code without any customization

It should show you the elapsed time taking to execute the SQL statementsā€¦

Hi Amol.

If by looking at client monitor it is difficult to track down the culprit (though I feel client monitor shud give some pointers), you can check on some generic I/O parameters, like you can have a look at the purchase and vendor tables, in terms of size, indexes, where these tables are stored, whether the size on the disk is a problem, database size (free space), hard disk fragmentation, etc. etc. (just another way to see if you can find anything suspicious)