Purchase Invoice Link to PO

I am trying to find the link between the purchase invoice and the original PO. The PO line and the posted receipt are both showing that the line has been invoiced, but I can drill into what invoice paid the PO line. And, if I try and go the other direction (from posted invoice and drill to the source PO, I can’t get their either. So, how is the system linking the posted invoice to the receipt or the PO?

Nav 2009 Classic SP1

We have Order No. field in the posted Invoice Header table…

Hello Dave,

as mohana said, there is the field “Order No.” in the posted invoice header. All invoices posted directly from the PO have this field filled. From the PO card, you get there with the menu button “Purchase Order”->Invoices. The other way it works through the lookup… only as long as the PO is still there.

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If the Invoice was posted from the order screen you can easily find the link.