Purchase Invoice Lines API odd behavior

First, I am using the API from Power Automate to Business Central. (create purchase invoice lines)

Prior to a recent update to Business Central, this worked (postings back in May worked.)

Because there is no reference field to store info for a linking interface to consume, I simply concatenated a value to the existing description in the purchase invoice. As I mentioned, this worked back in May. Now when I attempt to concatenate the data, the description reverts to the product description. I don’t recall changing a setting in configuration of Business Central.

Any suggestions on how to get my functionality back? And why would the field be in the API if it wasn’t meant to be used?

It’s unfortunate that you’re facing difficulties with the concatenation of data in the description field of purchase invoice lines in Business Central using the Power Automate API. Let’s explore some potential solutions and considerations:

  1. Check for recent updates or changes: As you mentioned, this issue started occurring after a recent update to Business Central. It’s worth checking if any updates or changes were made to the system configuration or API behavior that could have affected the concatenation functionality. Reviewing release notes or consulting with your system administrator or support team may provide insights.
  2. Verify the API payload and request: Ensure that the API payload and request you’re sending from Power Automate are correctly formatted and include the concatenated data in the description field. Double-check that the field name and value are correctly specified in the request payload to ensure the data is being passed correctly.
  3. Review Business Central configuration: Although you mentioned not changing any settings in the Business Central configuration, it’s still worth reviewing the configuration to ensure that no unintentional changes were made. Check if there are any settings or options related to the purchase invoice or description field that might affect the behavior you’re experiencing.
  4. Consult Microsoft or Power Automate documentation: Refer to the official documentation provided by Microsoft and Power Automate for insights into the API capabilities and any recent updates or changes. Look for specific guidelines or recommendations on manipulating or updating fields, such as the description field, through the API.
  5. Engage support or community forums: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to the official support channels provided by Microsoft or Power Automate for further assistance. Additionally, community forums or user groups dedicated to Business Central or Power Automate may be a valuable resource where you can seek advice and learn from others who have encountered similar challenges.

Remember that each system configuration and setup can vary, so it’s important to ensure that any solutions or recommendations are tested in your specific environment.

Lastly, regarding the presence of the field in the API, it’s possible that the description field is intended for specific use cases within the Business Central application. However, the API provides access to a broader range of functionality, and while it may not be explicitly mentioned in the API documentation, it’s reasonable to expect that you should be able to use the field for your intended purpose.

I hope these suggestions help you in resolving the issue and restoring the functionality you require.