Purchase Invoice Discount with G/L Lines


I created a PO by selecting G/L Accounts in the line. When I try to apply fixed amount discount from Statistics screen the following error comes:

Inv. Disc. Base Amount must not be 0.

Is there any setup missing or problem with Std NAV…


Looks like you haven’t entered any PO line yet, OR line Amt & Invoice total is still 0.00, as no Qty or Price is entered.

There are lines with qty, unit cost and line amount is not 0. Is there any setup to enable discount for G/L account. If I select Item instead of G/L, it is accepting the discount amount.

If you retreive the (default hidden) field “Allow Invoice Disc.” into the lines and put a check-mark into that field, you’ll be able to grant a Discount Amount.

Thanks alot, it works [:D].