Purchase Invoice - Change the LCY amount

If a purchase invoice is created with a foreign currency , the lcy amount will be calculated based on the valid exchange rate for that currency. However, for some reason, i need to edit the lcy amount (on the sales line) , to match the total lcy amount of the vendor invoice. This is not due to rounding difference. The vendor invoice has an inacurrate lcy amount which unfortunately has to be recorded as well when entered in navision. Does anyone know how i can edit the lcy amount to solve this problem?

You are referring to change exchange rate specific to a specific purchase invoice you can it.

Click in Foreign Trade tab. Next to currency code you have tree dots, click on it. In there you change exchange rate to only this invoice.

Normally, changing the exchange rate woud do it. But in this issue, its not. The reason why the lcy amount need to be edited directly is because the vendor’s invoice is using the invoice amount in foreign amount to convert to invoice lcy amount, whereas Nav is summing up all line amts in foreign currency to derive the invoice lcy amount. So changing the exchange rate will not help.

can u try on otherway around. Take the LCY amount u want and divide it by the foreign amount in exchange rate coloumn.

Then u will get a exchange rate which is more or less than the actual exchange rate. By adjusting the exchange rate

in this way, ur problem may be solved.


Hey, thanks. I have also realised that. For this same reason, I am trying to find which field in the Sales Line or Sales Header where i can change the LCY amount so that it will recalculate the exchange rate but i cant find any. I am working on Nav 4.0 for this.