Purchase invoice amount should round to nearest value


I am creating the Purchase invoice with USD currency.

Date = 17/07/09. 1 USD = 45. 05

Qty = 1 Unit cost = 1 $ tot al amount = 1 $ (but when it comes to local currency = 45.05)

When I createthe purchase invoice press F9 , it shows Purchase LCY = 45.05

What my client is asking he wants to round that value to nearest. That means In vendor card the

Balance field should show only = 45.

How it is possible

Hi Hansika

I am not sure but Try using Amount Rounding precsion to 1.00 in Currency Form for USD.

if you want to show this in the Vendor Card …

try this …go to design mode of the vendor card & then select the Balance field got to Text Box properties & then go to field Format enter in this .

close the vendor card & reopen it…


I am not asking in vendor card, this is a example only.

At the time of payment ( in local currecy ) amout show 45.05 .

So client does want that one.

So how to solve that problem.

Then do as originally suggested and set the rounding amount against the currency, if this is the home currency then the appropriate invoice rounding amounts should have been set in the GL at the start of trading.

Thanks Adam ,

I done the same way what u told , still I am not getting that rounding that value.

Could u share some information on this.

Hi masters,

share your experience on this…

Please list the fields changed.

Please verify you reentered the line and then looked at the stats.

Look at the IDR currency in Cronus, it works fine when you attach it to a vendor.

Amount rounding precision only rounds the exchange rate.

As said mention fill in Amount Rounding Precision as “1” on currency card. Close the application once and reopen it.

With ur example create a invoice mention 1.9 in Direct Unit Cost and it will post 90.10, means exchange rate rounded to 2.It won’t round off 45.05 to 45. U can see this by just pressing F9 , u will see 2 instead of 1.9.

Ask the client why they have exchange rate 45.05 if he wants to see 45 they shud have rate of 45 (which will be odd to say ) or they should have invoice rounding in place, else it is tempering.

Why wud u pay 45 for invoice of 45.05 either it has to be discount Or u shud be taking this amount in tolerance.

But as for ur example did u fill in .05 in that.