Purchase in Barrells, sell in litres, setup

Hello everyone, I have a question about purchasing in one quantity, but I need to sell in a different quatity.

example. I buy my fluid in a 189 litre barrell. But I then take the fluid and put it into .5 litre, 1 litre, and 4 litre bottles and sell it. Also, when I sell it, if you buy the 4 litre bottle, your price will be cheaper than if you buy the .5 or the 1 litre bottle.

What is the best way to achieve this? I was thinking of making an item card called fluid with a base unit of measure of ‘litre’. I would have purchase unit of measure be ‘barrell’ (which equal 189 litres), Would I also set up ‘.5 litre’, and ‘4 litre’ as units of measure, and use those when I sell ? What about the lower pricing for the ‘4 litre’ sale ?

How would I do this ?

Is there another way to do this, say with Kit BOMS ?

Hi Craig,

The unit of measure functionally will handle what you have described and you can setup the sales prices with a unit of measure to cater for the prices. This approach is fine if you do not need to know how many bottle of each type are in inventory. If this is the case then you would need another transaction - either an item journal or a BOM journal - to put the bottles into stock (as a different item number or variant).

As DaveT said, it’s best to use the unit of measure functionality. But keep in mind to choose the base unit of measure wisely. It’s best to choose ie “LITER” as your base unit of measure, and then enter other item unit of measures for purchases and sales.

In that case you always know how many liters of item you have and you can sell them in any bottle size.