Purchase for M-to-O manufacturing

Hi, How can we manage purchase requirements for M-to-O manufacturing companies? The company has a sales plan that derives a production plan. Company wants have all row materials on stock when they will receive Customer Order. We need create purchase orders for row materials based on the production plan. I know that this function will be realized in version 2.6 but what can we do now? Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 2/23/00 10:42:00 PM

Hello, I’ve used “dummy” sales orders to drive a raw material purchase plan in MRP. It’s best if you set up planning bills of material to reduce the number of line items you have to put on the dummy sales order. You also have to ‘filter out’ this dummy sales order when you run backlog reports. It works very well. Bob Bergman Manufacturing Specialist Aston IT Group rbergman@frontline-us.com

Thanks Bob, When do you delete such orders? When I create real order MRP creates new purchase orders for row matireals if “dummy” orders was not deleted. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

You don’t delete the dummy sales order, but push it out schedule wise about once per (week?); then run MRP again. If you have consumed some of the raw material, MRP will suggest new Purchase Orders. For instance in the dummy sales order line: in Week1 in Week2 in Week3 Item 1 due 4/15/00 due 4/22/00 due 4/29/00 " 2 " 3 This is called ‘rolling the Master Schedule’. You must roll the master schedule before running MRP, or you will get duplicate purchase orders in the current period for the raw material for the new ‘real’ sales orders when you really want to get replenishment orders in the future periods. Bob Bergman, CPIM, CDP Manufacturing Specialist Aston IT Group rbergman@frontline-us.com

We have actually written sales/production forecasting integration for manufacturing 2.01. This will allow you to create planned production orders based on a sales forecast and run MRP requirements (raw material) for those planned orders. Glen Richardson Business Analyst Charon Systems Inc.