Purchase FIFO item with Product receipt/Invoice


in our demo Ceu Company

I want to post Stock item with FIFO. in Purchase Order while

post product receipt it suppose to show the 4 journal entry

211250- debit

150690- cerdit

142100- debit

211250- credit.

but when Im looking my entry its showing only

142100- debit

211250- credit

it doesn’t hit Purchase accrual entry. in my setup in Item Model

Purchase accrual is checked. nd in Ap- Parameter - Post in ledger

also check.

where im doing wrong here why it doesn’t hit purchase accrual Acct??/



Is the item in PO non stocked service item?


What is the cost of the item in the price option of the released product?

In my case , system is not poing the Purchase Accrual entry at the time of Receipt ???

In Item is stocked item type of item,

The model group is Weighted Average Date & the “Accrual Liability flag is Ticked but Disable”

Plese guide


Can I know the parameter setting?

for Item Posting Profile?

Inventory model setting?

Because this version have a lot of parameters which is affecting the ledger posting.




Did you get the solution for this voucher, as i am also getting the two line in the Product receipt voucher, purchase accrual entry is missing. In item model group accrual check box is checked and in the AP parameter post product receipt in ledger is also check mark.

Can you suggest me which more i have to check.

Thanks in advance.

The costing method, the cost of the transaction and the setup of the item (is it stocked is the mentioned one).

The costing method is “Weighted average with date” and the item is stocked item.

Then as this post is about a FIFO item I would suggest you post a new post.

You also never said what the cost of the transaction was, so if the released product had zero cost at the point of the transaction the weighted average would have been zero until the invoice is processed, so it would have made no accrued posting for GRNI, that I would guess is your problem.

I should have to create the new post but i thought to continue with the same as the post was incomplete.

Here the “Cost of the transaction” mean?? If it is the PO amount then, yes PO have the amount

The answer is potentially different - yours is a new question that people will not read because it is hidden in another post - so you are restricting who can help you.

Cost of the transaction will be based upon the cost of the item NOT the purchase line, that is NOT how you cost, it is your “potential” cost but this is only used one invoiced in the FIFO environment - so my guess is for the original post, and potentially yours that the item had NO cost defined for it at the point the PO was raised. So if on the managed cost tab your price was zero at the creation of the PO the cost on the PO line is irrelevant - it will accrue no costs because no costs were defined on the item. Feel free to test the scenario.

Hi Imran,

On the Item Model Group of the item, is ‘Include physical value’ ticked?

I would guess not and no cost in the released products. Perfectly acceptable not to have the voucher entry if you dont tell the system the cost :slight_smile: