Purchase Credit Memo insufficient Quantity (base) error when posting


Does anyone know how this Purchase Credit Memo with Bin works? I am trying to reverse a wrong posting of PO. The lines were received and invoiced. When I post a purchase credit memo, I am encountering error “Quantity (Base) is not sufficient to complete this action. The quantity in the bin is 0. 2 units are not available in Bin Content Location Code …”. I am not so sure how the stock goes 0 in the said Bin. Please advise the steps to check and adjust so I can proceed in reversing.

Thank you in advance.


You might be missing a step you might need to put items in the said bin first

I think you need to check quantity in bins for this item.

  • What bin did you have in the sales order and return?

Purchase credit memo with bins works pretty much the same as the sales order with bins.

You can check what you actually have on that bin if you open the Bin Content page

But even if you have your two units in the bin, if does not mean yet that they can be shipped. If you have sufficient quantity, make sure that outboud operations are not blocked for this bin (it’s managed by the field Block Movement) in the bin card.

Next thing to check is reservations. If the quantity you want to return is on location, but reserved for another document, available quantity will be shown as 0.

And last, but by far not the least - is your location setup for directed put-aways and picks? Because if it is, the possibility to pick the bin stock will depend on the bin type. If the item was purchased, but not moved to a storage bin, it will not be possible to ship it until the put-away is processed properly.

Here is the location settings I mean.