Purchase Analysis Reports Quarterly Analysis

I am attempting to produce an Analysis Report that shows Purchase by quarter.


Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4

10 15 25 35

Im using the comparison date formula as blank for q1, then +1q for Q2, +2q for q3 etc.

The report works for Q1 bur subseqnt qaurters are filtered as per quarter 1.

Can you help?

What is the setting in the column type? I presume Net change, which will give you the results you have, try balance at date instead, or something like that - have not got the software in front of me, but sure that is your problem.

Hi, and thankyou for your reply. Using balance at date gives me a cumulative balance, I need to find a net change, I.ee how many did i buy in quarter 1, how many did i buy in quarter 2 etc.

Hi, and thanks for your quick reply. I have modified to Balance at date but i now get a cumulative balance when really I am seeking a net change. Eg.

In Quarter one we purchased 23 off

In Quarter two we purchased 17 off etc


It maybe that you cannot do this, you can on the financial year, but you do not have the ability to the column type as Qtr to Date and the comparison period as -1Q, but you could set this as balance at date and work backwards in quarters from today rather than forward, this may give you what you want - can you adopt the backwards policy?