Purchase Accrual account entry not updating -PO Receipt AX2012

Hi All,

I am posting Purchase receipt in my newly setup company.I did all the posting setup required for PO posting.

Ledger entries are updating for following accounts except Purchase,accrual

Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced

Product receipt

Purchase price variance.

I was unable to find the exact reason why Purchase accrual account entry is not updating while posting the PO receipt.

Please someone help me what might be the actual problem ?

Check the below two check boxes and try:

Post physical inventory should be checked for the item’s item model group.

AP>parameters>updates>post product receipt in Ledger.

Both are checked only…still not updating.

Any suggestions from any one, what may be the cause?

Got the solution.Some setup issue in GL.

Which setting if not the one suggested? Please help others by defining what was not set.

Hi Adam,

The entries were updated before also but those are not transferred to GL .I forgot to setup ‘Batch Transfer rules’ in GL setup now I updated that and working fine as expected.

I am getting the same problem. Can you please share what exactly you changed in GL Batch Transfer?

Never mind. Figured that out. [:D]

You pointed to the correct place thanks