Purch. Rcpt Line vs Transfer Receipt Line (Attain 3.6)

What is out of the box solution for this situation?
We posted our Purchase Orders (PO) into ON-WATER location. After the items are physically landed, we do Transfer Order from ON-WATER location to LANDED location. Since the shipments are delivered in partials, thus, one PO can have multiple Transfer Receipts with different date of arrivals and containers #.

Without modification, is there any way to apply or to link the Transfer Receipt Line entries against the Purchase Receipt Line entries? It’s like when you apply A/R payment to the Sales Invoice.

Thanks - ZB

Hi ZB,

How about using reservations?

Hi Erik,

Thanks for replying.

I never use that function before, do you have link or other info on how to do this?

Thanks a lot!


Hi Zen,

I don’t have a specific link to the topic, but try to use search. There are lot of questions about the topic both on this site and on other sites.

But basically reservations allow you to link a “need” to a “supply”. This way you make a reservation from your transfer order to your purchase order, in the same way you will be able to make a reservation from your sales order to the transfer order. There is a lot more to reservations than just that, it’s a big “system” and will most likely require a few changed processes to be used.

Thank you very much Erik!