PurcahseOrder creating problem with zero cost item

Hi, I have a small problem. Can I get a clear picture under what circumstances the following will occur. Setup - Navision 3.6 / Native Database / windows 2003 - server / XP - Clients I have a Purchase Order(P.O.), with 4 items. out of those 4 lines 2 items have cost and 2 items are free with 0(zero) cost. When I post the order and Navigate the following appears GL Entry - 6 Lines (4 lines for 2 items which is having the cost and 2 Lines for Tr. Crs) There are no GL Entry for the 2 items which is having 0 cost. Value Entry - 4 (including those 2 zero cost items) How come the system created the value entry for those 0 cost item, that too in purchase…? If we run the periodic activity, 4 more lines got genereated inthe GL entry… Regards M. Ramanath

Hi Mani Not sure I understand your “problem”. The system creates calue entries and these can be adjusted through later transactions; purchase invoices being posted, revaluation journals etc, and these go to make up the cost entries - the xero entry shows it was received in at zero. Is your probelm that it shows you zero?

Hi Rama, I had the same problem in understanding the costing for Navision when i first came across it. even the auditors are going bonkers trying to understand navision’s costing, with g/l entries in and out. it get’s more complex when u start throwing in the different costing methods and expected costing. the important thing to keep in mind is at the end the figures all add up. which in your case it does. this is just how navision works.

I’m with Steven and am not too sure what the ‘problem’ is but… The Value Entries are primarily designed to keep track of the Value of each item in the Item Ledger - therefore in this case you have two items whose value is zero and so therefore 2 value entries showing a value of zero but a quantity of something to reflect that. The General Ledger entries are primarily designed to show changes in the value of your Item Ledger. In this case the 2 items at zero cost made no change to the value of your item ledger and so no entries were created.

The value entry with 0 value is also a good indicator that this item ledger entry has been invoiced, and the invoice no. for the item ledger entry. if there were no value entry for this item ledger entry, it means that it has not been invoiced.

Hi, I have few basic queries. 1. When ther is value for the Item in PO, then only GL entries will be created right. 2. When you are mentioning 0 cost in the PO, how the system is taking a cost and posting a line to the value entry (with Cost) Let me continue the rest after the break…:slight_smile: waiting for your reply Regards M.Ramanath

  1. If there is a cost on the PO then you will get GL Entry to the Stock Control Account and Trade Creditors, Item Ledger Entry and Value Entry records. 2) If there is no Cost on the PO then you will get Item Ledger Entry and Value Entry for 0 cost but for the Quantity so that the Item Ledger reflects that you have stock at no cost. There will be GL Entry to the Trade Creditors for 0 but there will be no GL Entry to the Stock Control Account since the value is 0 and there is nothing to post.