Publish SSRS reports using a public EP site (internet site)

Hi All, i have installed the EP and configured SSRS reports and Analysis extensions, all is good showing all reports and OLAP as well.

I have purchased a new domain to use the EP site across internet, it is working fine but the problem it doesnt show up any related SSRS reports and OLAP reports, i opened the source page and found it is pointed at the server local name, lets say our ssrs server name is SSRS-SRV and the port is configured at 66, inside the HTML its "http://SSRS-SRV:66/

Logicaly, outside the network i will not be able to see the SSRS-SRV server so thats why it doesnt showup any report!!

Any ideas?!?!

Im using AX2009

I have found the solution for it after 3 weeks later!!!

Go to the DNS Manager on the Active Directory server, go to forward zone right click then add a new primary zone, name it as the domain name you bought.

inside the new zone add a new alias(cname) and point it to the server inside the older zone (

  • Rami Abdullah