We are working on building a BC app. How do we remove PTE cop from the project?

When we go to deploy, we get “(1,19): error PTE0001: Codeunit ‘BCappHelper’ has an ID of [70436526]. It must be between 50000 and 99999.”


Codeunit ID 70436526 had to be renumbered to the range from 50000 tp 99999. Those ranges are end-user ranges, while 70436526 should be the partner range.

Can you check allowed ranges that are covered by your license?

Thanks Damjan


We are a microsoft partner and were assigned 70436525 to 70437524. We were told PTE cop had to be removed from our project which we did. Not sure why we are still getting the error.


Hi, ok…

I found this on enabled PerTenantExtensionCop. Can you try to disable it.

I think that is the fix. I need to get the NAV developer license