Provider error 8000ffff

I got this error Provider error ‘8000ffff’ Catastrophic failure /wsshort/global.asa, line 133 after I installed WS and worked with it for few hours. I cannot remind any circumstances which could raise such error. Any ideas? Lukasz

Have you installed SQL server SP2?

Yes. Now everythink is OK. I’m waiting for more such interesting surprises. I wonder why Navision asked to install only SP1. Lukasz

I’ve the same error when i try to connect to the Navision database over asp (active server pages). SQL server SP2 ??? I don’t use SQL server. Does this SP help me? On wich machine do i have to install it? Sorry about my bad English. Markus

I have the same problem using the C/ODBC 32 bit driver with active server pages. In the diver options i changed the servername to an IP adress and it works fine. I have problems again if someone is working on a tabele wich i want to use too. The windows 2000 server is in an error status after this and doesn’t get back out of it any more. It have to do a restart of the machine and then it works again. How can I suppress this error? How can I get back the server into a ready status? Markus