Prototyping and Manufacturing/Purchasing Issues

Dear All,

If following were the requirements of the customer, please explain your thinking of how these would be implemented in Navision? Provide your assessment of how many hours of effort it would be implementation and testing


Customer would like to define a product definition and the raw material required for building a prototype of the product using a prototype routing, approval workflow,etc

(A) How would the customer define the prototype product definition?

(B) Request for raw material required for prototyping?

(C) Progress it through WIP & Quality to ensure that the product meets the required specifications?

(D) Approve or Reject the product. If the product is approved, then push is to Manufacturing as an approved product or revision of the product?

(E) If product was not approved, would Order Management allow ordering the product? How would you prevent it from being ordered?


Well there are some holes in NAV, but as a starting point you create the item whether specific or generic depends upon volumes. You add the BOM, the raising of teh works order books time and requires material so planning sees it. You process it through production as a normal order, quality would require routing steps, there is no capturing of approval, but if approved you create a new distinct item number and copy the BOM and routing, if unapproved you leave it as the prototype item distinction to be reused on the next one. If not approved would sales order a prototype? If yes then after the trial block the item, or take the BOM and Route off certified.