Protected table modify permission to itself.

I added a field to the Detailed Vendor LEdger Entry table - this field is temporary,and gets updated from a function in the Detailed Vendor LEdger table - not via postings. A normal customer’s license will not allow this table to be modified - so I’ve given the table permission ot modify itself. IS this a bad thing? I still can’t modify the table via the table designer - so I can’t see of a way that this would cause any bad side affects - unless some code is written that does this - however, I just wanted some other opinions. Daniel Day Developer Elliott Davis Technology Solutions

Perhaps draw out the code that makes these changes in the Ledger to a codeunit that will make themm instead. I know that codeunits can be assigned permissions and should work. I’m not sure how a table with permission to itself would work. Obviously from your testing the answer to that would be “not very well, thanks!” grin Keep it as close to a “posting routine” as possible. Use a codeunit I say. As far as ramifications, I can’t expect that there would be any, especially if you are just diddling in data in your customized field. In an accounting sense, the structure to the G/L and everywhere else remains unchanged, so I don’t think you have any worries. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada