proplem in test report in cash preview all lines but i need line that mouse arrow refere

Hi guys i have proplem in dynamic navision this proplem open financial management -cash management-cash recipt journal-then i make journal then when i make test report it make result to more line what i need is show the line that mouse arrow stay in it not all lines how i solve this proplem.

the screen shot found in this link

when i want to preview or print first line in cash recipt journal or second line it print or preview all

i need when i put mouse arrow in first line print first line only


I don’t underatand why it’s a problem. Just scroll thru the preview until you get to the entry you want to see.

No when i make scroll then i select first line or second line it show all entry journal i entered

I would suggest Filter on those entry which you want to see and then preview Test report .You will see preview of required entry.

did you try by filtering on Line No. and then printing?

try below code in OnPush trigger of Test report

GenJournalLine := Rec;

Where GenJournalLine is record type variable of table Gen.Journal Line

on push trigger found in form or test report and

Rec is must define in c/al global


I didnt get your question

Rec is your current record

and on Push trigger will be available on button