Property MenuLevel?


I’m facing a problem that I cannot understand. In a classic nav 2009 R2 (sql option) I did a minor change to a form. I didn’t do that through Object Designer, but I opened the form in design mode from the tools menu while the form was running, then, of course, I closed the running form to load the changes.

Since then I cannot run the form anymore not even from Object Designer. I always get the following error, which is new to me. Anybody knows?


Can you open the form in designer mode from Object Designer?

Because the error you get says that one of the menuitems in one of the menubuttons are indented to far to the right. I think first leverl in menuitems is 0 and since you get error that it must not have 1 in menu level property in one of your menuitems.


Indeed! There was a separator between two indented items which was not equally indented. Silly me! [:)]

Thank you so mutch

You are welcome.