Property: MaintainSQLIndex

Hi all! I have a small application to create some TransactSQL-Scripts within NAVISION, especially about Indexes. When “creating” the indexes in NAVISION (means to build up the correct string for the script) I can find wether a NAVISION key is ACTIVE (Enabled) or not, but I get no information - via C/AL code! - if the key property “MaintainSQLIndex” is set or not. Is there a way to access this info? Thanx in advance! Regards,

Well, I think it’s simply not possible … What I did: I renumbered the “SQL Server Option Resource Kit” from NAVISION 4.00 Tools CD and implemented it into our 3.70 db (yep, that’s possible without any problems). Now, our “Script Generator” interacts with this standard tool (getting the “MaintainSQLIndex” flag), and both complement perfectly!

OK, doesnt help you now but for your information along these lines there is a new Key virtual table to be introduced in SP1 of 4.0 (but not in the RTM of 4.0). This exposes this property and others. It also allows you to enable/disable a key at runtime.

Sounds cool! Maybe I’ll think about an upgrade - technical - to 4.00 [8D]


…allows you to enable/disable a key at runtime…

Hmm, I wonder if we’ll be able to ‘insert’ keys at runtime… Nah, that’s gotta be asking for too much! :wink:

Enabling/disabling Keys at runtime is a great feature. Having the chance to create them would be mind-blowing!