Propagating Changed Objects

Occasionally I’ll need to change an object during the day while users are using the system. Typically this is a reporting object like the Sales Order, Purchase Order, etc. Short of having users set their Object Cache to zero or exiting and re-entering Navision, is there any way to ensure users get the updated object? I’ve had users several hours after a change, still running the old reporting object. Secondly, If the only answer is to set Object Cache to zero, how does this affect network traffic and client performance? Thanks Michael

Setting the user cache to zero forces NF to reread every object each time it’s needed rather than storing a copy in the cache. Therefore network traffic will grow and execution speed will decrese. No good option in my opinion. The best and in my eyes only practical solution is to ask users to leave/restart NF after you imported the objects. It’s good practise to to imports during lunchtime or in the evening so users won’t be disturbed. Ask the users to leave NF before they go to lunch. Import your objects then and stop/start the Navision server. This makes sure that the users which didn’t log out as planned will loose their connection to fin and are forced to restart NF. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Just Closing the Main Menu and opening it again sometimes loads the new objects when you return. David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: