Promotion Item

In the trading company that I was implementing the Navision Financial sometime give they inventory / item as a promotion item when they are sponsored some programs from outside of the company But sometime some of the inventory / item also will being used as a operation expenses ( I mean some of the employee will be used the item such as calculator or stationery for themselves while they’re doing their daily activities ) So … how I record that kind of transaction in Navision Financial ? Thanks for the kindness help Best Regards, Agatha

Hi, If you use item you should make Negative Adjustment transaction in the Item Journal. You should create special Gen. Business group per each expense account that you going to use to record cost of this transaction. You should setup Inventory Adjustment Account as Expense Account for pair Bus. Posting Group – Product Posting Group. When you create Item journal line select this Gen. Business Group. System will record G/L transaction: Credit – Inventory Account Debit - Expense Account Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi Agatha, we are a technical company and sometimes we use tools from stock to use in the workshop. Basically the same thing you want to do. We do it like this: we create a purchase credit memo where in the first line we enter the item we want to use from stock. Then we add a second line with the appropiate general ledger account where we post exactly the same amount debit. This way there is no open vendor ledger and the amount gets posted on the right cost account. Hope this helps you, Marion