Promotion by a minimum amount


i’m newbie in Nav and i’d like to ask is there any option to create a promotion with a minimum amount.


Like ?

Like , the customer must buy a group of items for a minimum amount of 50 euro.

Or maybe is there any chance to define it like: take 100 pcs from these group of items but two of them must be by 20 pcs and other two by 10 pcs. Other 40 can be various. Or smth like that.

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Default system not providing this .You need to customize the same.

Have you checked the Sales Price in the Customer Card->Sales->Sales Price.

Thanks for your answers. Manish, i can’t use it like that because we got 5000 customers and i don’t know which one will get the promotion. Our company is working with a mobile devices and if it’s not a promotion they can’t use it.

Amol, as i told you i’m a real newbie and i don’t know how to customize this.

Amol, thanks for answer. You mean that and the two prepositions are not included as default?

And what about Customer Price Group available in Sales Header.

Manish, that was my first but as i told we are working with mobile devices and the only one way is to work with r=the promotion module.

Na vision doesn’t provide any promotion module.

As default system you can use sales price module by defining Sales type as Campaign or creating price group.

If its not in NAV then you need to design it.

If you can design then good else contact you NAV Partner.

Please explain in more detail.

" the customer must buy a group of items for a minimum amount of 50 euro."

So what if the customer orders less? Will they have to pay the full price or are you not going to sell them the items?