Promlems with compiling xml port on NAV 2009 R2


To day on 2009 SP1 (NAV 6.0 SP1 (6.00.29626)) we have several xml ports working just fine! But just two of them wount compile on 2009 R2 (NAV 6.0 SP1 (6.00.32012)). Who is the first to spread some light on this?


What are the error messages?

Thanx for quick reply!

Just the boring windows message “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic does not work anymore” (my own translation from Swedish to English)

is it a warning or error?

can you paste the error here?

Not realy, it’s a picture I get but perhaps I can sebd it to in another way? Email?

Anyway; my own transtation:

“A problem made the program quit working correctly. The program is terminating and you will be notifyed if there is a soloution to the problem”


Problem with syntax.