Project&Unit Tracking - What is the best strategy? Dimensions?

We produce bespoke solutions for our customers. These solutions we call projects, which ithemselves consist of different similar units. These units are made of about 2,000 different items. Some items are of general nature and are stock items other are purchase project/unit specific. Our production schedule is based on a weekly cycle. Each manufactured unit gets a kind of serial number, which consists of the project no. (1000) and the unit no. (1), e.g. “1000.1”.

Have been searching for an approach how to track/analyse the “serial numbers” and production weeks of each unit throughout NAV 2009, but could not find anything sensible. My idea is to use global dimensions to track project and unit nos. separately. We I need to purchase some RM specific for an unit and want to track delivery times. We sell before we manufacture. Since we don’t have a detailed BOM before we start manufacturing, but need one BOM post manufacturing for external reporting, we need to track what RM was used for what FG (unit). etc. Well, we will have to do a lot of analysing based upon the project and unit nos. and also week nos.

Does anyone have recommendation how to best approach this? Dimensions? Item tracking with serial numbers? Where to get valid information about such a problem.

FYI: Our implementation partner (won’t disclsose the name here) in Thailand has failed to provide a sensible solution. But I feel that dimensions are great to solve this. Any ideas?