Project Quotations

Hi there!
I’m researching the Project accounting module in AX2012, and I have two questions regarding the Project Quotations:

  1. No matter what I do and what data I enter, all actions on the Follow up ribbon tab are disabled. So, I cannot confirm the Project Quotation or transfer it to Project. On some forums I found articles regarding the same problem, but in Sales Quotations, and the solution there was to Convert the Prospect to Customer. I tried that also, but with no success. Any Idea?

  2. Also, any why price simulation that is available in Sales Quotations is not available for Project Quotations?

Thanks in advance!

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Nobody answered, so I dug deeply and found the problem [:)]

There are some changes made in the Feature Pack, and the solution was to configure and activate workflow for approval of Project Quotations.

More details you can find in my blog post