Project Quotation lines-Item Description gets overwritten


I have an issue in the Project module (in Contoso database)

In Project–Common forms–Project quotation details:

I created the Quotation header and moved to the lines

  1. Selected the transaction type as ITEM,

  2. In the EMPLOYEE/ITEM selected item “0800”, the description for this item from Item table “Head Cleaner - 2 Oz”, gets displayed in the Description field, and this is what i need also,

  3. I move to the next field CATEGORY, which is a mandatory field and once i select a category, then the TEXT IN THE DESCRIPTION FIELD IS OVER WRITTEN, with the description of the category which was selected.

Any idea as to how we can setup the system to stop this overwriting.


Assign the item to the category in the first place on the reference tab, then when you create the line the category is populated and the system uses the item description, if you have to re-categorise after entry the system believes the item relates to a more generic grouping because it has not been assigned a category and therefore uses the category description because it feels it is more pertinent as per your setup of the item record. Best of both worlds.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply.

It works.

By the way, what is the role of Categories; can you give me a real life example


The projects in AX - talks more about the accounting of the different transaction happening it.

With the categories you are going to capture different costs,expenses incurred at different stages/levels of projects.

there are four different transaction types - based that you can define the categories…(Fee,Item,Expense, Item).

for which you can assign the sales price and cost price - based on that you can even estimate the profits.