Project PO and Project SO for intercompany transcation


My customer has setup multiple companies and they have intercompany setup between each other for Ax2012 R3.

All the companies main transactions are mainly PROJECT related.

In company A (marketing), we have project AA. While in company B (manufacturing), we have Project BB.

For Project AA, i create a project sales order. Then using this project sales order AA, i try to create an intercompany Purchase order to company B.

In company A, i manage to create Project purchase order based on Project AA, BUT the related intercompany sales order in company B is just a normal sales order, NOT a project sales order.

I not able to link the sales order in company B to his Project BB. Do i miss out any setting?

Or this is standard AX limitation?

Please advice. Thanks.



This is not standard functionality currently I believe, there are project elements that can be processed from an intercompany perspective but full trade is not there currently.