Project Number changed from 3 digits to 4 digits

When we first configured Navision, we set the project number to be 3
digits number. Now, we are almost run out of it. We wanna change it to 4
digits number. But, for the old and exisiting project numbers, we want
to add a letter in front of 3 numbers. Does Navision have a function to
to modify all the old and existing numbers? If not, do I need to
go to the backend (SQL database) to change it manually? How many tables
I need to change and which tables? Please advise. Thanks.

Hi Ilaw

First of all, never change Navision data outside Navision, e.g. directly from SQL enterprise manager or other SQL server tools. Navision business logic will not be triggered if you change Navision data from outside the Navision client and this can give you many issues subsequently.

The best way of adding a letter in front all you Project codes is to write code in Navision to rename the Project codes. When you rename the Project codes from Navision code the Project codes are automatically renamed in all relevant places.

If you don’t know how to write C/AL code (Navision code) your self then I suggest you ask your solution provider to do this for you.