Project Invoice Proposal: Account number for transaction type Tax doesn't exist.

I am getting an error on posting an invoice proposal having sales order attached with tax ( VAT, Indian Taxes) for the project. (AX 2009)

Error: "Account number for transaction type Tax doesn’t exist"

I have setup all the tax account but still i am facing the same issue. Could anybody please help me out here?

Hi Monika

For India localization project invoice will not post tax. I faced the same problem.

Thanks a lot for replying. Is there any work around? Can it be fixed by doing some customization?

I dont know but its a kind of difficult customization. I ve to try tat.

Ok. Thanks a lot.

I don’t think it will be done with a customization - It could be a Configuration problem which you need to look into your tax setups.

Start by looking at the project contract tax setup

Hi all

I am also facing the same issue in IND localization.

@->Monika - r u able to solve this issue?

Can anyone out help me in this issue?


I hav also faced the same issue. Its kind of bug. I came to know that the issue is with some standard class SalesPurchJournalline (not sure…but the class is in same line)…we need to raise ticket to partnersource for this issue. I have installed rollup6 and still gets the error…

Others please share your workaround on this…how you are applying Taxes on projects as excise cannot be applied on projects…



we got a same kind of error and we sent a query to microsoft tech net

Microsoft is agreed that Currently there is no integration between Projects and India taxation which is why this error of “Account number for transaction type Sales tax does not exist” is experienced.

Also they confirmed that this integration of India and Projects is currently being developed and a tentative release date at this stage is September 2011.


Somu Birur


Thanks for letting us know. This is quite valuable information which I am sure will be of use to many.

WoW!!! thats a good news…thanks again

Hi Guys

Finally, great news for MSDAX India Users

The hot fix has been released by the microsoft and Its available in the following partnersource link

Project Accounting module -$en-US$2581993&wa=wsignin1.0

Professional Services Automation module -$en-US$2612864&wa=wsignin1.0


Somu Birur