Project forecast / budget

What is a project forecast as compared to a project budget ?

When to use which ?

To me they look the same…

If you forecast against a project and configure planning to look at projects it will make suggestions based upon your forecasts - budget is purely financial

Thanks. I understand that a forecast may be made without later being used for a project budget, but also that project budgets require forecast (model(-s)).

At least with AX21012 the distinction, I suppose, between the two has become a bit more clearer than before.

Blot still in AX2012 if one want’s to apply data transferred from a forecast model to a financial budget (in Budgeting) then the forecast model required shall be of type Forecast and can’t be one of types used for Project budgets.

But then when you use the Project budget functionality, once the budget is approved forecast lines with budget models: Original and Remaining automatically created by the system. That means you can use the same for the financial budget transfer. Are there any limitations you find in this?