Project Accounting Sequence Number

Hi All

When i am creating the WBS for the project, it is showing the following error when i click on NEW :

Cannot create a record in Hierarchy tree (HierarchyTreeTable). Hierarchy ID: QIRM-00000, QIRM-00000.

The record already exists.

I Think this is the number sequence error, but i checked and not able to track the sequence numbers for these two ID (Hierarchy ID and element No)

Please advise


have you checked the table HierarchyTreeTable by filter it,those two records are existed? if not try to clear the usage data and delete the .auc files from local disk. And check it again…

Yes these IDs are there in table, i delete the project then i check the table no data and recreate project, it populating the same IDs and when creating the WBS it is giving the same error.

And also i reset the usage data.

You can find these number sequences in Legal entities (AX2012) or Company information (older versions) form.

Once try deleting the record (if any) from tables: HeirarchyTreeTable & HeirarchyLinkTable.

Go to Number sequences form in Organization administration and select the particular number sequence used for WBS.

Delete the record from ‘Status list’ form and synchronize both the tables… This should probably solve your problem…