Prohibiting sales to a customer.

For some reasons, e.g. the customer does not pay us, we do not want to sell anything more to that customer. On the customer (form 21 / table 18) we will block this customer in order to inform that further sales are prohibited. However we also block customers for other (technical) reasons. Therefore we cannot use the field for blocking to inform that sales are prohibited. Is there a standard facility in Navision Financials to inform that sales are prohibited? If not, how do you manage this?

Blocking is not the best solution because it blocks all transactions for the customer, including posting of payments. You can generate warnings based on overdue balances or over a credit limit. This, however, is only a warning and does not prohibit the sale; it would be an easy modification to turn the warning into a prohibition. I had a similar situation but there were too many special cases and exceptions about when the customer should be prohibited. The solution was to add a new Boolean field to the customer table called “Delinquent” that the user can maintain and to check this field in the OnValidate trigger of “Sales Header”.“Bill-to Customer No.”.