Prohibit Users From Deleting Sales Order Lines

Hi All!

Not sure if this is the correct forum for my question. If not any direction would be most appreciated.

We are using NAVISION 2009/R2. We also have NAV classic installed.

My question is does anyone know how we can prohibit users from deleting a line in a sales order? Can this be accomplished through a security setting/Role? We want them to still be able to add lines to orders…Just not delete them

Thanks in advance.

Sure just remove the permission to delete. But they will still be able to change all the fields on the line.


I’m new to NAV and am not sure how to remove the permission. Is it done through Classic?

If so any additional information you can share would be great.

I Appreciate you help.



Yes, this has to be done through classic only…

Select Tools–>Security–>Roles

Select the role for which you want to restrict

Select Roles Menu button -->Permissions

Select Table Data for 37 and set permissions as you wish…

Are you sure you’ve thought this whole thing through? I mean in reality, what’s the difference between deleting a line and blanking out all of the fields on a line, which they would still be able to do. What if the customer cancels the order? You couldn’t delete it anymore.

Just wondering what the business reason is for not allowing someone to delete a line.