progress billing and multiple ship dates

We are currently looking in to buying Navision. I was wondering if there is progress billing functionality built in? And if I can ship the same line item on a sales order on multiple dates? For example: Customer buys 5 cpus, but wants them delivered on different dates. Is there any way to schedule this within Navision? Ben Austin

There are many ways in Navision to handle this. 1) You can create multiple lines for the same item with the different Required Delivery date / Shipment Date. 2) you can also create the Blanket order for this purpose. 3) Create one line with the Quantity 5 (in your example) and enter only the Qty. to Ship with the Required Delivery date / Shipment Date on the line, which you need to ship on that day. this way, you can post as required, but drawback is that you can not predifined all the date at once. There are many other ways to do this in Navision. Check with your Navision Reseller and depanding on your requirements they should be able to describe the best way to handle your case. Naveen Jain