programming exam

Hi! I have tried to pass the programming exam, but i need a second chance. After reviewing the questions and trying to find the right answers, there are some left where i dont find an appropriate answer. Maybe somebody could give me a hint what the right choice would be… Thanks 1. Is it possible to automatically update Relations on a datasource of a query, if so how? 2. Of all the objects, which application objects are saved separately in each application layer? 3. Wich advantage has a cluster index? 4. How can an Axapta database be replicated?

hi Dont give up u will get it in the next chance. mean while let me answer the questions u asked 1. yes it is possible. got to the properties of the second datasource and set the relations to yes. 2.tables, table mathods,maps edts reports…base enums etc. to know this go to tools -options-development tab-application layer. show all. then open aot and see which all are the application objects which shows layer names in brackets. 3. for searching 4.i feel its importing and then exporting it leeza

Hi Thanks for your fast answer. I remeber the following answer possibilitis to 2: tables, classes, EDTs, Enums, Delete Actions, Relations (you should check 3 options) 3: reduces the number of indizes, faster insert, faster delete, faster update (1 option) I think the answer for question 3 is, that it reduces the number of indizes. But question 2 i really dont know…

hi for the second question delete actions is not an answer but the rest all seems to be true. leeza

Hi, about the second question. I have a feeling that it is a leftover from the 2.5 Axapta exam, because there’s no correct answer here. So, this will just be 1 question you won’t answer.

the advantage of cluster index is that it is faster in updating record.

for second question, i get this info from system help “Tables and classes are special in the sense that when you modify a single method, only that method exists in several layers.” so Table and Class are out… Relations are also out DeleteActions are saved with the table and consequently visible for the other layer also. So this is saved seperately in all layers for remaining i need to search a bit… or may be we got the answer itself my now !!!