programming ebook nav 5

can anyone tell me where can i download an ebook for programming in nav5 FREE!!!


I am not sure where you can down load the book for free, BUT I can give you directions on how to rob a bank. Then you could use the stolen money to buy a book, which would basically be the same thing right?


I agree with David. If you should be able to find a place where you can download a “free” Navision programming eBook - then it’s surely a illegal copy. The people who have been writing all the books currently available about Navision are all members of the Navision community, just like you and me. But they have sat down and spent months of hard work writing these books. Even if they are going to sell a lot of books, then they will surely not become rich by writing these books. I just hope for them that they will be able to sell enough, so that they haven’t lost money doing it. AND THEN YOU WANT TO STEAL FROM THEM? The books are already too cheap, so get your company to buy them for you.

If you want something that is free then I can recommend you:

Not exactly an eBook, but it’s great documentation.