Programmable section on report

what is “programmable section” and its use on reports in Ms Dynamics AX.

plz give brief information


This is Manas …to use pragrammable section you can write your query for e.g in Fetch methode and there you can call ur section by element.execute(1);

1 is your controll numberv that you give in properties of programmable section…

so you can manage your record…

also if you want to align that acording to top and all then you have methode element.gotoymm();

that u can use…


any way…i am also new in AXAPTA…



Hi mohan,

Programmable sections are executed from code. This type of sections can be used in cases, where you need to print data which is not part of the query.



Hi both answers sum up what programmable sections are, they are very powerful sections which are called by the code to display / manipluate data that are not printed within the query. They can be used for simple things like element.newPage() based on logic, or pulling in data with join join statements.

Can I suggest you go through Dynamics Ax Development books / resources as they have sections describing what each report section is used for, and examples of how / when / where to use them. Also, search for the “Fetch” method on Reports within the AOT, as this is the method where you will find a lot of working examples of programmable sections in reports. Also just look through reports for programmable sections to get a grasp on why they are used as opposed to a normal section group.